Haskell on Windows recipe #1

As of March 2020, School of Haskell has been switched to read-only mode.

OUTDATED! Currently this tutorial is not up to date, because EcplipseFP plug-in is abandoned!

This tutorial explains what to do exactly to setup Haskell working environment under Windows using Eclipse as a IDE and MinGHC tool chain in a few steps. Steps that just work.

Using MinGHC Haskell tool chain

  1. Install MinGHC 7.8.3 installer
  2. Ensure those paths are first: set PATH=%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\cabal\bin;%PATH%
  3. cabal update & cabal install alex happy cabal-install-


Installing IDE and supporting tools

  1. wget http://www.stackage.org/lts/cabal.config
  2. cabal sandbox init & cabal install buildwrapper hoogle hlint stylish-haskell scion-browser
  3. copy .cabal-sandbox/bin/*.exe %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/cabal/bin/
  4. cabal sandbox delete
  5. hoogle data
  6. Install Eclipse Luna
  7. Install EclipseFP (From inside Eclipse do only plug-in installation. Tools are already installed.)
  8. cd wheremycabalfileis
  9. wget http://www.stackage.org/lts/cabal.config
  10. cabal update & cabal install

If you want to Cleanup/deinstall old Haskell installations

  1. Deinstall Platform Haskell (from Control Panel | Programs and Features)
  2. Check if PATH env. variable is not containing anything about haskell, cabal or GHC
  3. Delete %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\cabal folder
  4. Delete %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\ghc folder