Change file encoding

As of March 2020, School of Haskell has been switched to read-only mode.

We have some file in some encoding (for example, UTF16BE), ans we want to convert it to UTF-8 encoding.


We have to install packages iconv and bytestring. Now:

module Main where

import Codec.Text.IConv (convert)
import Data.ByteString.Lazy as Lazy
import Data.ByteString as Strict

main :: IO ()
main = do
    let path = "/Users/dshevchenko/f4.cpp"
    -- Read a file lazily, not strictly...
    text <- Strict.readFile path
    let convertedText = convert "UTF-16BE" "UTF-8" (fromStrict text)
    -- Write in the same file...
    Lazy.writeFile path convertedText

That's all.


iconv package is a wrapper around a Unix-utility iconv. So you can view a complete list of supported encodings, just run:

$ iconv -l