Free type variable

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Answer to question posed on the Yesod mailing list.

Sometimes GHC will complain about not knowing about a type variable. In the example below, the reason is that the behavior of the program depends on specifying that type variable. For example, in someFunction, the choice of monad will determine the name to be returned.

class Monad m => NamedMonad m where
    namedMonad :: m a -> String
instance NamedMonad IO where
    namedMonad _ = "IO"
instance NamedMonad Maybe where
    namedMonad _ = "Maybe"

someFunction :: NamedMonad m => (String, m Int)
someFunction =
    (name, res)
    name = namedMonad res
    res = return $ length name

main :: IO ()
main = do
    -- Not ambiguous
    let (name1, val1) = someFunction
    val1' <- val1
    print (name1, val1')
    -- Very ambiguous, try commenting out
    putStrLn $ fst someFunction
    -- But this fixes is
    putStrLn $ fst (someFunction :: (String, Maybe Int))
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