Robert Williams

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Hi I am Robert Williams and I am a real estate appraiser and consultant. I have 35 years of real estate industry experience and licensed in several US states. Our appraisal experience includes residential and commercial practice areas. I have appraised the different types of properties i.e. Commercial, industrial, retail, non-profit, institutional and special purpose properties, motels & hotels, automobile-related properties, medical properties, multi-family, residential properties, development properties and all types of land. I have a long record of successfully guided local and national clients. To know more, please visit our website today : Licensed real estate appraiser I Real estate appraisal services

  • Real Estate Appraisal: What Appraisers Look At 24 Mar 2018

    Foreclosed and troubled houses have plagued the building industry through erroneous evaluations within the previous few years. Sales of new houses and remodelling projects are killed by faulty evaluation practices, wherein, evaluations are less than the cost of building or improvements by comparing to possessions which have been sitting vacant for several years or are in disrepair. On June 30, 2010 Fannie Mae published new evaluation policies that ought to counteract these inaccuracies. Your Lenders responsibility to just utilize appraisers who've the right expertise and knowledge for an appraisal assignment, including a comprehension of the particular geographical market. Appraisers should consider real estate condition when choosing to utilize foreclosure sales or short sales as comps. Other changes allow for licensed real estate appraiser 3rd parties, including contractors, to provide additional info about the foundation for an evaluation of a newly constructed or remodelled house. Treating an appraisal such as an Open House is not a terrible idea - especially when Curb attraction could make a good first impression. It may not be much, but every little bit helps and you also need your house to look the best when becoming appraised for its value. Supplying the Expert with a list of updates you have finished or plan to include will not hurt. Dig up some comps yourself using the aid of your realtor. These are a matter of public registration - so spend the time to find homes like your in your neighbourhood. Perform some research to find out about extenuating circumstances which might have produced affordable costs that some comparable homes sold for. A death or divorce in the family might lead to a vendor taking a lower offer than they'd have under a normal circumstance. Make these results available to the Appraiser - they can just help your cause. When the relationship evaluation is finished double check the final report submitted. It isn't a problem to request to see what the appraiser turned in. Check for factual errors - wrong lot size, wrong sq footage, incorrect number or bedrooms or baths. Errors like these will influence the value of your house or even reported and evaluated properly. His company, Alternative Home Solutions, Inc. Is a design\/build home remodel and new home construction company in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Visit us now for real estate appraisal services.