Basics of School of Haskell

Hi, welcome to my first tutorial on School of Haskell.

It was designed to be the simplest tutorial here ever.

How to read

Just read the paragraphs.

How to try

Live snippets

When a live snippet appears, like:

main = putStrLn "Hello world!"

Just click the Play button ("Run this code") to run it. Discard the result with the Close button (the big red cross).

Tweaking live snippets

But it's not enough to run code to learn properly. You have to tweak it.

Please fix the snippet below, and run it:

main = putStrLn "Hello worl!"

If lost, you can always come back to the original code with the Back button ("Reset changes"). Try to make the typo (you just fixed above) reappear!

Advanced examples

In some snippets, the creator of the tutorial wants you to focus on the interesting lines. She can hide the other lines in the first place, but you can always see them with the Document button (Show the rest of this code).

-- HAHA!!! this line was hidden
-- show
main = putStrLn "Hello world!"
-- /show

Web hacking with Yesod

If you are interested in web development, you should check the first Yesod tutorial.

Now it's your turn

It's really easy to create your tutorial, and help others learn Haskell. Now please follow this tutorial: School of Haskell Markdown which explains how.

Happy hacking!!!