Andrea Garcia

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Hi I am Andrea Garcia and I am a human resource agent in Mexico. I have 35 years of real estate industry experience and licensed in Mexico and Latin America. I have a long record of successfully guided local and national clients. If you are looking for best recruitment agencies in Mexico or Latin America, please visit our website today : Headhunters in Mexiko I Head hunter in Latin America

  • Head Hunters 28 Mar 2018

    In the world today a restart is your marketing board for head seekers and HR managers independently and government businesses. The resume should be precise, appealing and obviously showing your ability sets and accomplishments. You will need to put effort in crafting your restart so it may make it to top in a few resumes submitted for work. The first thing you need to make certain your resume must create sufficient interest in readers mind which she or he calls you for an interview. Many people attempt to compose an epic manuscript detailing career. One should know a head hunter in Mexico or human resource manager is going through numerous resume to select right candidate for business. In this kind of situation a crafted resume neat and succinct will provide sufficient information to reader for second thought. This may create curiosity and interest. You must ask yourself question how you'll read a candidate's resumes. Are you going to go through all pages of restart or you may scan very first page and see if it comes near requirement. The details that should be easy to spot on your resume are name and contact details, your skill sets and certification/trainings. On your page summery block provide your profile and total experience. This should include what's your current experience and what's your core competence. Once you've cared for such essential things then you can go to next page detailing temporarily, but obviously your current and previous experience. More often than not head hunters will look for secondary and primary skills in your resume. In case the main skills are on your most latest experience then you've. Keep name and contact information like address, telephone number and email address at the good chance to being called to interview. The name and telephone top of the first page. Don't write your name in a nutshell form, Always write your full name. This should tell reader on your experience, experience and the knowledge you carry. Next show your ability sets both functional and technical, if you've taken trainings or have completed any certifications, list them neatly together with dates. The dates tell how lately and how up-to date you're with technology. Tools and office management tools used. Even when you're not in info technology sector, you may still list the experience in user industry software like still list the expertise on user industry applications. Now is the time to write your experience giving clear information about the company\/client were you worked, date period, in what capacity and the role and duties. Now is the time to compose your experience giving clear information about the company/client were you worked, date period, in what capacity and the function and responsibilities be clear picture to reader, were that you expert in this role and the work that you had been to reader, were you expert in this function and the work you mode.