Justin Thomas

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Hi I am Justin Thomas and I am real estate agent. I have 35 years of real estate industry experience and has represented large users of office, industrial and residential space in a wide array of real estate transactions.. We have a long record of successfully guided local and national clients.To get best real estate deal, please visit our website today : Bowie real estate broker‎ I Real estate agent in Crownsville

  • Real Estate Agents In Maryland 30 Mar 2018

    Real estate agents in Crofton are expecting a strong 2017 property market following a fantastic 2016. Per Edgewater realtor JJ Fegan, new home earnings have hit their greatest as 2008 The highest since that years housing marketplace bomb, followed by decades of weak sales reports. This is great news. A solid start to 2017 carries on the trend that blossomed last summer. Statistics from two suburb counties, Prince George in Which there is room for growth, and Montgomery where the economy is more recognized, tell the narrative. In accord with the Washington Post, In Montgomery, the average earnings price of homes rose 1.82 percent to $508, 412 in comparison with 2015. The Rising Tide of Costs Continues - there is a rising housing tide through the country, and the economy here in Maryland will continue to represent it. Realtor.claims that 2017 will be, a year of slowing, yet moderate growth, nationally, and that forecast appears accurate for Maryland also, with one market surpassing exceptions. The Baltimore Columbia Towson housing market is likely to see home cost growth significantly higher when compared with the national average growth predicted to be 3.9 percent. Lower Inventory and Faster Sales - Inventory is down about 11 percent nationwide and here in suburb Maryland. Actually, together with strong demand, is why the houses are remaining on the economy an average of just 57 days in comparison to an average of 68 times at the top 100 US metropolitan markets and 79 times in the USA overall. Among the takeaways here's that buyers need to have pre approved financing, make up their mind rapidly and act instantly when they find a home they want. Buyers Brokers need to be on top of their game too, Maintaining their customers informed about new listings, so that they can see them ASAP and be first at line should they would like to purchase. Having a customizable, easy-to use software that features automation features will prove invaluable for this purpose. Boomers and Millennials are Leading Buyers - The two Biggest demographics groups are buying the bulk of the homes, which shouldnt surprise anyone. Boomers are expected to purchase 25 to 30 percent of houses sold in 2017 while Millennials will buy around 33 percent. There's concern that if rates of interest continue to rise, as expected, it might lower the number of Millennial first time buyers, as 95 percent of them rely on Funding to make the purchase. How Bowie real estate agents Will Succeed at 2017 - These proven Maryland real estate earnings tips will be utilized by savvy agents to make the majority of the continued strong market. First, inform past clients, sellers and buyers, home prices are up and they are selling fast. While this might not be music to the ears of those that plan to purchase larger locally, it'll get the attention of Boomers which are considering downsizing or moving out from the area into a region with lower home prices.