Harold Carr

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Harold Carr is the architect of InfiniBand usage in WebLogic Server at Oracle. He is also responsible for SOAP Web Service Technology at Oracle (a position he also held at Sun Microsystems). He designed the pluggable transports, the asynchronous client and service APIs, and streaming I/O used in Oracle's SOAP stack. He also lead the consolidation of Oracle's three SOAP stacks down to one centering on the Sun SOAP stack (aka Metro).

Previous to this role he was responsible for RMI-IIOP load-balancing and fail-over in the GlassFish Application Server. He designed the core architecture used in Sun's CORBA ORB and in Sun's JAX-WS 2.0 implementation and the scalable socket communications architecture (aka Grizzly) used in GlassFish HTTP and IIOP. He helped write the OMG Portable Object Adapter specification and was chairperson of the OMG Portable Interceptor specification.

Previous to Oracle and Sun, Harold worked on distributed Lisp and C++ with Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories and Schlumberger Research Laboratories, was Chief Architect of Visual Lisp technology at Autodesk, and was a logic simulation consultant for Cirrus Logic. He holds a Ph.D., in Computer Science from the University of Utah.