Wan Optimization

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Here you are going to know more about Wan Optimization. Wanos Wan Optimization is network software that reduces network costs and accelerates network speeds. This is accomplished through compression, deduplication, quality of service, packet loss recovery and caching techniques.

Know more about Wan Optimization
  • Wan Optimization 24 Jan 2020Mike Okiro

    It is well known that traffic on a network becomes very slow due to a large number of users. This is as a result of network users uploading and downloading large data, using unverified applications, etc. WAN optimization is one of the most effective ways to maximize data flow efficiency across a wide area network (WAN). WAN optimization helps in reducing the number of bandwidth needed to enhance effective communication between clients and server. The advancement in technology and applications specifically in the use of cloud computing makes WAN optimization more critical to network systems. With the latency issues experienced with most WAN’s, there is a need for WAN optimization to address this issue.