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    I am testing a tool to upload batches of tutorials. The content here comes from https://github.com/commercialhaskell/haskelldocumentation.
  • Test tutorial please ignore 9 Mar 2015

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  • Coroutines for streaming

    As the conduit- and pipes-style streaming abstractions continue to gain popularity, it is useful to take a look at an even higher abstraction from which they can be built: coroutines. In this series, we will learn about coroutines in general, select a particular "suspension functor," and then rebuild the Proxy type from pipes. This will help you understand the nature of control passing that underlies conduit and pipes.
  • Pastes

    Using this website as a pastebin.
  • 20 intermediate exercises 4 Mar 2013

    Shamelessly stolen from: http://blog.tmorris.net/posts/20-intermediate-haskell-exercises/
  • I/O in Haskell for Java programmers 4 Feb 2013

    Java programmers are surely familiar with I/O such as `System.out.println` and `Scanner`. The Haskell equivalents are easily to use and understand. I will demonstrate how to transliterate simple Java I/O code snippets into Haskell. We will dive right in with a few examples, and I will explain important differences between Haskell and Java along the way.
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