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  • Why Offering Free WiFi to Your Diners is Wise? 7 Apr 2017

    From restaurants to shopping complexes, Wi-Fi is becoming a basic amenity. Even the older generation is increasingly getting connected and a majority of us cannot even think about leaving the house without a Smart-phone. And, if you are not offering the diners with a free WiFi, you’re not living up to their expectations and ignoring the numerous advantages of offering a free internet connection in your restaurant premises. Get in touch with restaurant IT Boston to provide WiFi hotspots to customers while they’re on a move. Enhances your branding and marketing Certain WiFi solutions allow you to market your restaurant even before the customers sign-in. You can conveniently create a landing or splash page to provide real time offers to the diners. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to spread your brand name by customizing the name of your WiFi such as ‘XYZ restaurant Free WiFi’. It will also provide the customers with the liberty to share their photos on Instagram or Facebook, thereby spreading a positive word about your restaurant without you having to do anything. Apart from enhancing the branding and marketing, you ameliorate the dining experience. At Little Gecko Technology, we understand the necessity of a free WiFi for your customers. Customers will spend more Your school of thought might indicate that with a free WiFi your customers are likely to access the internet without spending a dime. But, according to a survey conducted, customers on the contrary end up spending more when free internet is provided. They can browse your dining menu and read the reviews of different dishes before making a final choice. If you offer mouth-watering and tantalizing dishes, you will witness a skyrocket increase in your revenue. A Restaurants in Boston with WiFi will help you increase the revenue by offering WiFi to your diners. Gives an edge over competitors Gone are those days when quality and price alone helped restaurants differentiate. We are living in the world of smart-phones, and providing free access of internet will give you a technical advantage over nearby eating joints. Today, a plethora of customer will prefer selecting a dining outlet based on the availability of a free WiFi. Therefore, get in touch with restaurant IT Boston to increase the foot traffic and enjoy an edge over the competitors. Free promotion The current generation is an Instagram and Facebook generation that believes in sharing everything on social media. And, this is all free promotion for your restaurant. Therefore, it makes sense to provide them with free means for uploading their pictures and sharing their experience. Restaurant IT Boston will help you provide what your customers are looking for.